Trench-Less & Sewer Line Replacement

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Trench-Less & Sewer Line Replacement


Used for running a new line where there is not existing pipe.  Primarily used for water lines or pressure sewer lines where pitch is not critical.  We use a Missle looking mole that hammers its way through the ground using air pressure.  We are able to pull a new line through hole without having to dig up the whole yard.


Used for replacing existing lines from ¾” to 1” water service lines to 4”-6” sewer lateral lines.  We fish a cable through your existing line and attach a special cutting head and new pipe to the one end and pull the cable from the other end with backhoe or hydraulic puller.


Used to rehabilitiate sewer lines underground without having to cut open floors or digging line up.  Can often times be done through clean outs or possibly pulled into place from main with no digging required.  We can also line through branch fittings then re-instate branch lines instead of digging up each branch connection as we would for bursting.

We coat a liner material with resins then place it into the existing pipe, expand it against the host pipe with air or steam and allow it to cure.